Like most other dogs, I’m a sniffer.  You folks just don’t know how many other smells are out there wafting around in the breeze.  I can find anybody in the house just by sniffin’ for ’em.

For example, Pop smells like Aqua Velva.  He was sayin’ the other day how his dad had a unique smell, too.  Said it was something called Vitalis that he used in his hair.  His momma usually had the scent of Jergen’s Lotion; a hand cream she used.

For a while there I thought maybe ol’ Pop had some Labradog in him, too, ’cause he was talkin’ ’bout all these other smells he remembered:

– grass on a football field

– sage brush while huntin’ out west

– a good cigar

– airplane cockpits (he said each one is different)

– Christmas trees (?)

– the combination of mothballs and Absorbine Jr. at his Grandma & Grandpa’s house

– some guy in his Rotary Club that always has bad breath

– alcohol at the doctor’s office (smells like the Vet’s office to me)

‘Course we all like smellin’ food around the house.  Doesn’t matter if it’s sweet stuff bakin’ in the oven or barbeque smoke floatin’ around the back yard.  All that stuff’s good.

The folks have been talkin’ ’bout Christmas, too.  I’m not sure what that is but everybody says there’s somethin’ special about Christmas smells – like those trees that Pop mentioned and somethin’ called cinnamon that they put in stuff to eat & drink and some candles they light around here so folks don’t smell Lula Belle’s litter box.

Speakin’ of that, I won’t get into the stinky smells.

Anyway, next time you see me or one of my kin sniffin’, just keep in mind that we’re makin’ observations with our snoots instead of our eyes like you folks do.

I hear pretty good, too, and I think Pop’s rattlin’ the Milk Bone box so I’m gonna slip into the kitchen and see if I can get a couple by dazzlin’ him with my responses to some of his newly learned commands.  (I’m trainin’ him up pretty good!)

He sees better than me but I’ve got him beat in the hearing and smellin’ departments.

Y’all come see us for Christmas.  I’ll look forward to seein’ or sniffin’ you!