Paul Entrekin's Mig-15

Aviation Career

Paul Entrekin's Career as a Naval Aviator and Test, Airshow, and Airline Pilot

United States Marine Corps

The Marine Pilot

Since receiving his “wings of gold” as a United States Naval Aviator in 1980, Paul has flown helicopters (Bell Hueys, Cobras & Jet Rangers, and the enormous Sikorsky CH-53 Sea Stallion) as well as the T-34C and F-18 Hornet fixed-wing aircraft.

Society of Experimental Test Pilots logo

The Test Pilot

Paul was the initial civilian test pilot for the MiG-15 when it was introduced into the United States in 1986. He has flown other experimental aircraft including the BD-5J microjet in which he has participated in government contracts requiring various modifications to the aircraft’s design.

He is a member of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots and has logged more than 30,000 hours in over 50 different aircraft types.

The Airshow Pilot

Paul was the first pilot in the free world to own and operate a Russian MiG aircraft. He began Entrekin Aviation in 1986 and, as a full time airshow pilot, performed flight demonstrations across North America in his MiG-15 entertaining millions of spectators.  He also flew the MiG-17 and BD-5J. He has participated in motion picture, television and government contracts and holds U. S. and World airspeed records.

Paul Entrekin Delta Airlines Pilot

The Airline Pilot

As a Boeing 727 Flight Engineer and type rated in the Boeing 757, Boeing 767, and Boeing 777, Paul flew for 30 years with Delta Air Lines prior to his retirement.