Last Thursday was Valentine’s Day.  Pop bought cards for the missus from him, me and Lula Belle and she got one for him.  I understand the Christmas gift giving thing now but, seein’ as how this is my first one of these Valentimes, I ain’t quite figured out what’s up with this holiday.

Pop could tell I was kinda confused (must be the way I tilt my head to the side) when he was explainin’ it all to me.  He said that folks have kinda latched onto this time as an opportunity to show their significant other how much they mean to ’em.  It kinda puzzles me ’cause I try to show my significant others how much they mean to me every day!  I reckon folks ain’t always like us dogs, though.  But at least they make an effort once a year.

Anyway, Pop was tellin’ me how folks do somethin’ extra nice ’cause, while sayin’ you love somebody is great, to really show you care, it’s important that you demonstrate it.  The fact that love is is presumed.  When love does, that confirms it!  Pop says that’s ‘specially important for fellas to remember.  It helps keep them out of the dog house with us.  (I’m glad Pop does that ’cause my crate is barely big enough for just me now.)

He said it’s real important to know what their “love language” is ’cause doing something to show someone you love ’em means different things to different people.  A guy named Gary Chapman wrote a book about love languages and he came up with five in particular:

Words of Affirmation – sayin’ something loving

Acts of Service – showin’ love by doin’ something

Gifts – givin’ somebody a tangible expression of love

Quality Time – demonstratin’ love with the gift of our time

Physical Touch – conveyin’ love by gettin’ real close

I reckon I’ve got at least a couple of those covered ’cause I’m always excited to be around my folks and I lick ’em and fetch stuff for ’em and I’m always close by (‘specially in the kitchen at dinner time).

As for me, I’ve got no idea what my love language is.  When folks talk nice to me or give me treats or pet on me or take me for walks or chunk a stick for me I’m equally tickled.  Long as I’m close, I’m happy!

Pop said that one of the keys to happiness is determining your own love language (how you want others to express their love for you) and also determining the love language of those you care about and then expressing your love in the way that affirms it for them.  Even if you get it wrong a time or two, the important thing is to try.  Love is a verb.

That bein’ the case, I think the next time I clean out Lula Belle’s litter box for the missus, I’ll be sure and let her know.  And I’ll try to not get distracted by a squirrel every once in a while when I get the morning newspaper for Pop.  More than anything, though, I’ll just keep on lettin’ ’em know how glad I am that I’m theirs.