I’m a big dawg now!

Yippee!  Today’s my birthday and I’m 6 months old!  The missus had me weighed the other day and I’m a whoppin’ 45 pounds.  Dad took my puppy collar off and gave me a big dawg collar that has Auburn stuff on it.  I don’t know what that means but it has neat colors.

Dad got home from Boy Scout camp the other day and said he was real happy to be back.  Said he liked the mountains and all but there were lots of cats to herd.  I don’t think I woulda liked that part.

I just about went nuts when he got back.  He’s fun to have around and I really like the fact that he ignores when I jump on the couch.  (Mom fusses at me for that.)  I’ve gotten real good at fetching the paper and they both really think I’m smart ’cause of that.

I suppose maybe in a few ways I am pretty smart – not ’cause of somethin’ I’ve learned but ’cause of some things that are just in me.  I dunno how I know but here’s some things that just seem to make dog sense:

When yer family comes home, always run to greet ’em.

Take naps when ya can.

Stretch before you get up.

Play some every day.

Don’t be afraid to let people touch you.

Avoid biting when a simple growl will do.

When you’re happy, wag your tail.

Take a walk.

Be loyal.

Don’t pretend to be the kind of dog you’re not.

If what you’re lookin’ for is buried, dig ’till you find it.

When somebody’s havin’ a bad day, be quiet, sit close by, and nuzzle ’em gently.

Everybody does somethin’ dumb . . . forgive ’em.

Uh oh, Lula Belle the kitty is headin’ this way and I don’t think she has a birthday present in her pocket.  Matter of fact, I don’t think she’s got any pockets.  Anyway, she’s got that look on her face so I better skedaddle.  ‘Sides, I think its time fer me to go out back and do my squirrel rounds.  Them little goobers in their fuzzy britches ain’t got a chance . . . I’m a big dawg now!