Rufus' Reflections

Rufus the dog.

Hello world! My name's Rufus and I intend to use this blog to opine about whatever's on my mind. Paul belongs to me and has decided it'll be okay for me to use this part of his website to that end. So, here's the world from my perspective...

The Christmas Faeries

Legend has it that on the first full moon with the season’s first freeze, the holiday faeries awaken from their months long dormancy and come out into the clear night air to play and rejoice in the meaning of Christmas. Naturally they need accommodation following their tiresome celebrations of flitting about the skies much like hummingbirds with tails of fireflies so they seek out a castle whose Laird and Lady have been kind to the bairn and, of course, God’s creatures.I’ve noticed that during some years I have arisen from a nice, late night nap only to wonder if I’m … continue reading »

General Warren Price

I’ve been a bloggin’ dog since I was a pup and like to write about stuff I see, hear and think about. Between Pop, the Missus and all the other critters around here, there is usually something that prompts me to rant, reflect or ponder. So, it occurred to me that with all the craziness of this past year I’m just gonna get an early start on the new one by sharing some of the good stuff I’ve observed around the ranch.One of the fowl additions from this Spring was my new buddy Warren. His official name is General Warren … continue reading »


As far as I know I’ve never been knocked unconscious. I came close a time or two back when our donkey, Jasper, and I were gettin’ to know each other and I’ve had some close calls from folks pitching a good size rock up into the air for me to fetch (not catch . . . but, shoot, I didn’t know that). But Pop has had the misfortune of gettin’ clobbered to the point of havin’ an unscheduled nap several times.Back in the day when Pop was tryin’ to earn his stripes as an Auburn Tiger, it was not uncommon … continue reading »


When Pop introduces me to folks he tells them that instead of a Labrador retriever I’m a Labrador receiver. There’s a reason for that.

When I was a pup and eager to get Pop to throw something for me to fetch, I figured out pretty quick that even though there was a stick here and there, rocks were everywhere here at the ranch. So I’d bring a nice rock (still do) and Pop would chunk it up in the air so I’d see where it went. Of course with me bein’ such a speedy fella, I’d keep my eyes on the … continue reading »

The Karman Line

Being as how aerospace has kinda been Pop’s business for a long time, I occasionally hear him talking about something to do with that sorta thing. During all the celebration with the SpaceX launch and recovery recently, he said something about this thing called the Karman Line. Seems it has to do with, relative to earth, where the edge of space starts. For folks that fly, that means an arbitrary altitude of 333,000 feet where our atmosphere becomes too thin to support aeronautical flight. At that point aerodynamics stop and astronautics begin.Now you’re probably already wonderin’ where a dawg like … continue reading »