Rufus' Reflections

Rufus the dog.

Hello world! My name's Rufus and I intend to use this blog to opine about whatever's on my mind. Paul belongs to me and has decided it'll be okay for me to use this part of his website to that end. So, here's the world from my perspective...

A Cross from the Boss

When Pop and the Missus came home from the beach air show the other day, I could tell he was mighty happy about something. Not only was the first ever Blue Angels Homecoming Air Show at Pensacola Beach a whopping success, but Pop had the pleasure of reconnecting with some old buddies he hadn’t seen for going on 30 years.Back in his flight instructor days he had the pleasure of slipping the surly bonds with some fine students. Some were so good that they went on to fly with the Blues during their time as naval aviators. Like Pop, all … continue reading »

Condition Zero

CONDITION ZERO*                                                                                                                                         

*excerpt from Mighty Hands – Victory Over Adversity Through the Grace of God, Chapter 17September 11, 20010846 (eastern) – American Airlines flight 11 hits the North Tower of the World Trade … continue reading »

The Battle of Rocky Creek – Sequel

About 3 weeks ago I shared how Pop and I got into a nest of yellow jackets. Me being the brave dawg that I am, I hardly mentioned the punishment I took for our dumbness. Instead, I made Pop out to be the one who suffered the most.The fact is that while it did take several days for Pop’s body to work that nasty venom out of his system, he didn’t suffer any long-term effects. Well, even though I didn’t make a big deal about it at the time, at least one of the stings I got most assuredly changed … continue reading »

War Eagle

Pop would be the first to tell you that he has an affinity for eagles. Even though his favorite game bird is the wild turkey, he has always been crazy about the majesty of our nation’s symbol.I’ve mentioned before that we have a nesting pair of bald eagles here at Rocky Creek that Pop and the Missus call Captain America and Wonder Woman. They had at least two juveniles with them at the pond (sushi bar) a couple of months ago but their kids have probably moved on to stake out their own territory.Of course, the eagle is prominently displayed … continue reading »

The Battle of Rocky Creek

*Now before you commence to reading about this latest experience at the ranch, I suggest you avoid sipping a beverage at the same time. It might prevent an unfortunate spewing of that beverage from your mouth (and maybe your nose) due to uncontrollable laughter.Working around a ranch we encounter all kinds of critters – mostly good (like me) but sometimes bad. As I’ve said before, the Missus loves just about all of us. She stops her car in the middle of the road to help a wayward turtle and I’ve seen her pick up a worm off the pavement after … continue reading »