Rufus' Reflections

Rufus the dog.

Hello world! My name's Rufus and I intend to use this blog to opine about whatever's on my mind. Paul belongs to me and has decided it'll be okay for me to use this part of his website to that end. So, here's the world from my perspective...

Unconditional Love

My momma’s name is Callie and she’s whatchacall a chocolate Lab.  She and my pop, who’s a black Lab named Fisher, threw a handsome litter of nine pups (if I do say so myself) with five blacks and the other four of us bein’ yellow.  I’ve never met the old man although Dad (my master) says that one of these days we’ll stop by the tackle store where Fisher hangs out every day – just so we can meet and sniff each other.

Dad says that before I was born he had this awesome friend named Angus.  He was a yellow … continue reading »

Terrorist Primer

Every once in a while Dad refers to me as a “terrorist”.  Now I wasn’t altogether real sure what bein’ a terrorist meant until I overheard him explainin’ it to the Missus one day.  It was kinda complicated but she seemed to understand most of it.

He started by talkin’ about that Usama bin Laden guy.  Back around 1989 bin Laden formed this militant Islamist organization, al-Qaeda (which means “the base”), and had himself installed as the Emir (or commander) since it was mainly his idea and he was the driving financial resource.  It’s a non-state but multinational network of Sunni … continue reading »