Rufus' Rants

Rufus the dog.

Hello world! My name's Rufus and I intend to use this blog to opine about whatever's on my mind. Paul belongs to me and has decided it'll be okay for me to use this part of his website to that end. So, here's the world from my perspective...


Like most other dogs, I’m a sniffer.  You folks just don’t know how many other smells are out there wafting around in the breeze.  I can find anybody in the house just by sniffin’ for ’em.

For example, Pop smells like Aqua Velva.  He was sayin’ the other day how his dad had a unique smell, too.  Said it was something called Vitalis that he used in his hair.  His momma usually had the scent of Jergen’s Lotion; a hand cream she used.

For a while there I thought maybe ol’ Pop had some Labradog in him, too, ’cause he was talkin’ … continue reading »


Although this blog is normally reserved for Rufus’ rants, I decided to commandeer the keyboard for a posting that, due to timing, merits consideration.

This past Sunday, 14 October, 2012, Felix Baumgartner did something remarkable.  Stepping from the gondola of a helium-filled balloon at more than 120,000 feet, he fell to earth exceeding, at one point, 800 miles per hour and became the first person to travel at (and survive) supersonic (in excess of Mach 1) speeds without the aid of an aircraft.  He parachuted to a stand-up landing near Roswell, New Mexico.

Coincidentally, that same day 89 year old Chuck Yeager … continue reading »



Pop has what he calls seasoned tickets for football games up where he went to college a long time ago.  (I just finished up my second go-around of puppy school and am feelin’ pretty smart myself.)

Anyway, Pop and the missus went up to Auburn on Saturday for a reunion with his old teammates from 1972.  He said it was really great to see so many guys there and even more special to be honored by the university.  Before the game they had the old team all sitting at tables lined up end to end where folks could stop by, shake … continue reading »


On Thursday I’ll be eight months old.  Pop says I’m gettin’ smarter every day.  I let everybody know early on that I’ve got some brains by fetchin’ the paper from the driveway every morning.

Pop said he wanted to make sure I became a good citizen, though, so me and the missus have been goin’ to classes to make sure I know how to act around other folks.  He said it’s real important to act right because that’s how people judge you.  Manners are important whether you’re canine or human.  Nothin’ good happens to you ’cause of how you feel, but … continue reading »

The Man on the Moon

Recently I figured out that the reason I can usually see so well out in the back yard at night (when I’m out there on patrol or just takin’ care of business) is because of the moon.  Pop was talkin’ about there being a man up there back when he was a kid.

Now how that fella managed to jump that high is beyond me.  But, anyhow, Pop said that he’s real famous ’cause of doin’ it first.  He’s whatchacall an astronaut.  Pop knows some stuff about pilots, especially naval aviators, and he says this guy was really something.

He went on … continue reading »